Can I make my Embrace Creatives account private?

You actually wouldn’t WANT to make your Embrace Creatives account private because, well, no one could find you or your art! However, there are certain aspects of your profile that you may want to keep private, or in draft mode until you’re ready to share them with other EC Members or the public.

To edit visibility, there’s two areas you can use;

  1. Account –> Profile –> Edit
  2. Account –> Email –> Profile Visibility

In #1, you will be able to edit more than just who can see what, but in #2, you’ll only have access to visibility.  In each case you’ll have four (4) choices;

  1. Public – everyone across the internet can find it
  2. Only Me – one one sees it but you
  3. All EC Members – Every EC Member (whether you’re connected or not)
  4. My Connections – only your EC Member connections

And you can edit and re-edit your information’s visibility as often as you’d like. When you’re done, click the “Save Changes” button to update your settings.