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Bright and Bold Art That Gets Our Heart Beating

February 03, 2024

Need a boost? Displaying energizing colors inside your space provokes feelings of happiness and optimism.  I’ve curated artwork filled with reds and yellows to encourage happiness and excitement in your home.

Yellow is associated with sunshine, hope, laughter, warmth, happiness, and energy.

Red is one of the most intense, stimulating colors that raises a room’s energy.

Enjoy this short list of brilliant, local artworks! To find more vibrant artworks on Embrace Creatives, click here.

I Can Feel It, Magic in Your Fingertips

24″H × 18″W × 2″D

Oil on canvas

Unique 1/1

Ships from Texas


40″H × 30″W × 1.5″D

Acrylic on canvas

Unique 1/1

Ships from Michigan

I was thinking about anvils triangles and tables and how would they look together and decided this is what it would look like. These Geometric Cluster Paintings several are based on drawings I do over and over until I paint it on a canvas. This is one of those ideas it is the form and the function of the design. I try to make them look as if they have weight as if they are heavy like the object they resemble.

Img_6267 - 9


 48″H × 60″W × 1.5″D

Acrylic on canvas

Unique 1/1

Ships from Michigan

This piece was an exercise in experimentation for me. While most of my work has very flows, intuitive strokes and scribbles, this piece has very intentional marks and shapes. Though the imagery is simple and geometric, there is still a lot of texture and depth within the colors and paint mediums used. This was painted as an antidote to grey, dreary wintertime. It’s reminiscent of a tropical, warm citrus grove.

Planting Together

20″H × 16″W × 1.5″D

Acrylic, pastel, spray paint, textiles, on pieced canvas

Unique 1/1

Ships from Indiana

My process is multi-faceted including quilting, sewing, painting, dying, gluing, stitching and more; creating layered compositions often stretched as paintings, built up on panels, or installed as hanging quilts.

Grow your collection with quality, hand-picked local artworks.

Dan and Taylor

50.25″H × 72″W × 3″D

Oil on canvas

Unique 1/1

Ships from Michigan

Red Crayon

10″H × 10″W × 1.5″D

Oil on canvas – gallery wrapped

Unique 1/1

Ships from Michigan

The portrait of this iconic Crayola Crayon seen in red, also contains a bit of a narrative. It’s been used, but still quite serviceable. For me, it all started with crayons. I loved the fragrance of a freshly opened box, and the possibilities were endless. Drawing with Crayola’s eventually led me to oil paints, the medium in which this painting has been created.

I’ll Have a Slice to Go Please

 24″W × 24″D (other sizes available)

Digital photograph on dibond or printed.

Limited edition.

Tic tac watermelon- tic tac gerber – color, shape dance throughout this photo. Layers of images join to create one.

Hood 2

 48″H × 36″W × 2″D

Oil and screen printed acrylic on wood

Unique 1/1

Ships from Virginia

Under my skin II

30″H × 22″W × 0.1″D

Encaustic monotype on watercolor paper

Unique 1/1

Ships from Michigan

I am touched by glorious landscapes that teach us: there is a chance of non-separation, to be completed and humbled, to experience genesis and rebirth. It is here that I stumble upon an exterior landscape that mirrors my interior wilderness that I bring along with me, alluring and alarming.

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60″H × 72″W × 1.5″D

Acrylic on canvas

Unique 1/1

Ships from Michigan

This piece is about the act of creation and the beginning of all things. It could be argued that creation is the ultimate womanly abilities, the most obvious being the birthing of humans.

Looking Back

30″H × 30″W × 2″D

Encaustic (Beeswax & pigment) on wood panel

Unique 1/1

Ships from California

An introspection piece; this painting is an invitation to look back and reflect. It invites us to learn from past mistakes and experiences and be grateful for opportunities and treasures along the way.

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