Find the doers.

You’d think that meeting the President or CEO of a large foundation or corporation was a great opportunity for your idea to be heard, right? Well it turns out that if you want to move mountains, you have to set your sights a bit lower. Find the Doers. People in the upper echelons may be […]


Rejected, again. Kind of a big one this time. Felt like a gut punch. Depression inducing. A life well lived includes acceptances and rejections so it’s important to stay focused on the bigger picture and honor yourself when you receive both good news and bad. How did I handle this last rejection? 1. I pushed […]

“Do stuff” Contest FINAL RANKINGS

Embrace Creatives Engagement Contest FINAL Thank you ALL for doing stuff inside Embrace Creatives during the month of October! Because we’re a very new, growing and always learning professional network, our goal last month was to increase engagement and relationship building within our community and we did it! We got more users, more page views […]

“Do stuff” Contest FINAL RANKINGS

Value Propositions

See through your client’s eyes. There’s a term in entrepreneurship building called “value propositions.” It’s a super scary, businessee word that REALLY means “Here’s why my art is worth the price I’ve attached to it.” Break the term apart and you see that you’re proposing ways your art is valuable to others. However, many artists […]

Using Dying Leaves as a Learning Tool

Using dying leaves as a learning tool. Driving with my husband to my parent’s house I breathed deeply and slowly melted away from my very, busy day. Taking in suburbia I noticed the environment and re-fell in love with the Fall.  More specifically the turning leaves. The jewel colors playing off of one another made […]

This one word will set you free.

We artists have big hearts. We give our work away. We give of our time, a lot. We get involved in creative projects, even when there’s a questionable return on our investment. Being a “giver” is a beautiful quality but if you want to make money, you have to alter WHO you give most to. […]