Affordable Artisan-Crafted Mother’s Day Gifts 2021

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We’ve got the best, handmade, affordable gifts for the Superperson in your life; mothers, new moms, step-moms, mother-in-laws, grandmothers and anyone you consider your Mama. Find breathtaking floral displays in acrylic, mosaics, photography and print. Remember, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9th. Give Mom a unique and heartfelt gift, save 10% and support local artists, … Read more

Art Match Monday: Mixed Media Pet Artwork

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It’s Art Match Monday! Are you ready to make an art-love connection? Pet lovers, unite! Introducing, “Star of the Show”, a Mixed Media Shadow Box crafted by one of our more spiritual storytellers. HOW SWEET IS THIS!? Over the years, Melissa’s dog took center stage, helping her through tough moments so she designed a very … Read more

A Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Valentine'S Day 2021

Artsy gifts in red to give to others or your true love, yourself!Red provokes the strongest emotions of any color. And of course, in the windup to Valentine’s Day it’s everywhere. Red’s bold, deep intensity is stimulating and associated with excitement. In fact, studies show that being exposed to the color red, either on clothing … Read more