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Most Popular Interior Paint Colors to Spruce up Your Home

July 27, 2021

Color has a lot of influence. Colors elicit various emotions, can tell a story within a home, and even alter how someone feels in a room.

Walk into a home store and you’ll be surrounded by an inexhaustible amount of popular interior paint colors to pick from. Choosing a color is one thing; deciding which room to use it in is a completely different story.

To make your choosing a little easier, I’ve toned down your options to a few tried-and-true colors recommended by decorating professionals. Ready? Let’s find the most popular interior paint colors to spruce up your home and artwork to match with!

Like Colors

Colors are either “warm” or “cool”. Colors that are similar in temperature (warm or cool) always produce harmonious color combinations. If you paired blue and green in a room or warm beige with brown in a hallway, they would work well together and be pleasing to your guests.

Monochrome Works

Monochrome is displaying a single color or different shades of a single color.

Complimentary Colors

In a color wheel, complimentary colors are across from one another; red and green, yellow and purple, and blue and orange. Paired together, they POP and create energy.

1 I Beige & Blue


1 - Popular Interior Paint Colors 1

ARCHES – photography 24″H X 20″W


Interior Colors - Popular Interior Paint Colors 2

Lexington Kaleidoscope (Windows) 96″H X 80″W


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2 I Green + Red (complimentary colors)


4 - Popular Interior Paint Colors 3

3 Blue + Bright Pastels


3 - Popular Interior Paint Colors 4
Custom painting by Detroit, EC artist, Mike Ross


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4 Green + Purple (like colors)


5 - Popular Interior Paint Colors 5
New Beginnings 14″H X 11″W Acrylic Painting


4 Grey & Yellow


8 - Popular Interior Paint Colors 6

This artwork is no longer available. Contact sales@embracecreatives for alternatives.

4 I Red & Black


Interior Colors(1) - Popular Interior Paint Colors 7
Magical Things From Quarantine Food in the Cupboard 12″H X 12″W Watercolor on paper.



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