Be Featured

In order to expose more of our Embrace Creatives’ Artist Members to our Commercial Buyer network, we’re featuring artwork & announcements in Buyer Newsletters.

To have YOUR artwork or an announcement added into a newsletter targeted to our vast array of commercial buyers, follow these easy steps;

Featured Artwork;

  1. Fill in your EC Profile
    • We expect to see the following;
      • a profile image (your face or your artwork)
      • your location
      • your Tell us about yourself! section filled in
      • your Primary Medium/Industry & Experience Level chosen
    • Optional;
      • add any other professional information or documents you have available.
  2. Have at least two (2) Portfolios in your Gallery
    • Portfolios must include (per image);
      • Title
      • Medium
      • Size
      • Retail price
      • Clear images
        • For 3D work, at least one photograph must be on a white background.
  3. Send a direct message to TEAM EC with your portfolio title or link.
    • we will review and let you know if you’re missing anything a buyer would need.

Commercial Buyers want all pertinent information about you and your artwork in one place. If you are missing anything from the above lists you will not become a Featured Artist until it’s added.

Featured Announcement;

If you have a press release or announcement, add it to: Your Press Release page. Once uploaded we will take the information and add it to our Buyer Newsletter if it’s relevant and timely.

Not in our community? Apply now!

Sneak Peek

Here is how your artwork feature will look in the Buyer Newsletter.

Here is how your announcement will look in the Buyer Newsletter.

For a limited time, Embrace Creatives is offering this service free of charge.

Embrace Creatives, its team and officers has the right to include or exclude any EC Member’s artwork or their announcement for any reason.