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Barbie Estate Malibu House Playset by Mattel

This Barbie is an art lover 🖼 💖

Barbie’s dream house is no place for boring. In the record-breaking movie, Barbie lives in a three-story fuchsia fantasy, with a slide that coils into a kidney-shaped pool. Her movie bedroom spouts a pink clamshell headboard upholstered in velvet with a sequined coverlet. In fact during set construction, there was an international run on the fluorescent shade of Rosco paint. The world literally ran out of pink paint!

Pretty in pink collection

Following in Barbie’s footprint (which are NEVER the entire foot) here are artworks that any Barbie, even Weird Barbie would love.

Barbie Artwork - Barbie 1

Multi media on canvas

Barbie Artwork In Pink - Barbie 2

Stacked Martini Glass – Blue Pink

Artwork Barbie Would Love - Barbie 3

Madame, Rhapsody in Pink
Oil on canvas

Barbie Painting - Barbie 4

Oil, acrylic, charcoal, and resin on panel

Barbie Pillow Cushion - Barbie 5

Artist at Rest
Cotton and acrylic

Barbie Pink And Purple Painting - Barbie 6

Periwinkle & Pink 1
Acrylic on canvas

Cream Geometric Painting

We’re thrilled to offer art + objects that belong in EVERY Barbies’ Dream Home!

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