Even Small Creative Businesses Need Commercial Insurance

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Don’t play games with your business. It’s Time for a Commercial Insurance Policy. Your creative business may have started off small, even as a hobby but as it’s grown, you’re busy expanding; doing wholesale and retail shows, traveling more, and most probably invested in additional equipment and supplies. While that usually means more success, it … Read more

How To Protect Your Artwork From Online Theft

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Interview With Intellectual Property and Copyright Protection Attorney, Ann Robinson Meet Anna Robinson, a shareholder at Brooks Kushman P.C. practicing trademark, trade dress, copyright, entertainment and internet law. While watching this 40 minute interview, take notes, because she and Andrea take a DEEP DIVE into copyright protection for Artists and Designers. What challenges have you … Read more

Five Art Advisors You Need to Know

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Who do you choose as a guide when it’s time to research the right art for your home or business? Art Advisors are an invaluable asset when you want to begin or expand your art collection. Advisors range in size from large firms to single advisors and some specialize in different types of art, like … Read more

Learn Which Art Styles Are the Most Popular

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An artwork’s art style serves as a window into the artist’s creative process, allowing you to better comprehend their vision, subject, and sentiments. But what about YOUR art style? How do you find out which style you match best with? There are hundreds of art styles but only a few are popular. Let’s begin with … Read more