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Shades of Green and Blue

April Cannon


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Shades of Green and Blue

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Inspired by succulents and their ability to thrive even in difficult situations, these ceramic wallflowers in shades of blue and green will add beauty to your home or office. Made of porcelain and covered in colorful glazes these pieces are suitable for many spaces from over the couch to being hung outdoors in a protected space like a patio. Hanging plan and hardware included with purchase so you can easily set up this curated set in your own space.

12"H × 15"W × 4"D
Wall Art
Slip-cast porcelain and colorful glazes


My work speaks of the relationship between the growth that occurs in nature, and the growth that I experience in my own life. Just as mother nature pieces together leaves on a plant to create a larger organism, so too do I piece together smaller slip-cast ceramic elements to create a larger whole. The simplified geometric shapes found in my work mirror the shapes of leaves found in nature, reflecting the beautiful geometry of nature. These thoughtful pieces create a ceramic garden where one can relax and contemplate the relationship between what nature creates and what man creates. The latest innovation in this process combines rough stoneware pieces with the delicate porcelain sculptures, creating a tension that reflects the challenges I’ve faced in my own life during a time of intense personal change.

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