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Serenity in Motion XI

Kiki Liu


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Serenity in Motion XI

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The 11th piece in the series. Continuing to explore the notion of rhythmic bodily movement in the interaction with clay on the wheel, or within the gym, this artwork emphasizes the organic spontaneity that emerges through a symbiotic relationship with the creative process and the refinement of techniques.

11"H × 8"W × 8"D
Ceramic vessel with Terra Sig.
Clean by gently dusting.


The idea of “vessels as bodies” fascinates me. Through this exploration, I aim to develop a profound connection with my own body. Shifting between hand-building and throwing techniques, I explore universal concepts bridging ceramics and bodybuilding. Themes of mass building, water elimination, transformation, and presentation form the foundation of my work. I've become attuned to the shifts in muscle engagement and strength during the creative process as I progress in lifting. Drawing inspiration from my lifting journals, I often create ceramic series that parallel weightlifting routines. As I continue to create and lift, I'm compelled to expand this theme across various materials beyond ceramics. I'm intrigued by how different disciplines can mold and enrich my artistic expression. This ongoing project allows the fusion of cultural influences, personal transformation, and physical expression. The convergence of these elements creates art that resonates with both self and observer.

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