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Marion Deconstructed

Dan Woodard


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Marion Deconstructed

Marion is an attractive Euro-Asian friend of mine, who I have long wanted to sculpt. When unmolding a wax cast of the sculpture, I accidentally dropped the wax onto the floor. As I tore apart the ruined casting, I glanced at the distorted head in my hand and was taken by the feeling of movement and the reference to classical sculpture in the piece. Art is not always intentional; and, at times, knowing when to embrace accidents is a better route than blindly following one’s initial concept.

17"H × 9"W × 5.5"D
bronze, acid-stained cement, rebar
Bronze sculptures should be waxed every one to two years.


My work, both figurative and abstract, arises from my subconscious combined with memory and a spontaneous interaction with a variety of materials. The sculptures have been described as elegant and evocative, yet also earthy and powerful and are imbued with a mythic, numinous, and archetypal awareness that comes directly from my process of creation. My ultimate goal is to have the viewer feel a sense of familiarity with the work...a sense of knowing, of understanding.

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