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Classical Studies, Roxanne

Foster Willey


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Classical Studies, Roxanne

Classical Studies is an ongoing series of figurative sculpture based on direct observation of the human form. The work involves creating studies in clay, emphasizing proportion and gesture. My modeling technique is descriptive and loose. The end result is the figure depicted without pretense, without narrative, or symbol. Rendered with both precision and spontaneity, the human body is observed, explored, and presented for it’s own sake. The work reflects an appreciation of the nude figure with all its subtlety and variety. Our physical presence is the primary element in the built environment. A thorough understanding of the human form seems essential in creating for livable communal space.

36"H × 12"W × 10"D
Standing (floor)


“My work is both abstract and representational. My interest in the figurative tradition and architectural ornament are central to my creative efforts. Of equal importance is the influence of the early modernist from which my explorations into abstraction have evolved.” “Animating form thru the plasticity of materials and utilizing negative space to create forms that express both mass and transparency have been the focus of many of my sculptural investigations. These formal concerns inform the symbolic content of my work, which often involves the search for something archetypal, innate, and universal.

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