Chrysalis, III

Darlys Ewoldt


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Sculpture formed and fabricated from bronze and copper. Multiple parts are hand hammered and fabricated using sheet metal and rod, then soldered to achieve three dimensional forms. Beautiful nuances of colors are created by layering chemicals on the surface of the sculpture while it is hot. The patina is sealed with a lacquer. Observation of the metamorphosis of a butterfly chrysalis provided the inspiration for this sculpture. One of a kind. 128.5" x 9" x 7.5"

18.5"H × 9"W × 7.5"D
Bronze, copper, and patina.


Fragments of memories, or words that resonate and stay within my mind converge with observations of the physical world during the course of my creative process. My work is intimate in both scale and intention. They synthesis of organic forms with the influence of architectural elements create structures that are feminine, yet visually strong. Interior spaces and being drawn visually and conceptually into the heart of a form is intriguing to me. I intend to subtly suggest images that might evoke a feeling of discovery, memory, or contemplation in the observer.

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