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Rich Lanet


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intersections’ is the only all-natural wood (birch ply) work of mine that I’ve created to date. The piece was conceived immediately following my ‘whitewash’ show in San Francisco, as a result of a slide show that ran during the art show, and had pictures of my pieces being created which spawned a number of comments from viewers commenting on how beautiful a number of the pieces looked prior to being finished/painted. The completed work, which is more delicate than my previous designs, has garnished a lot of praise from both the Public & Gallery Owners and has been in a number of Art shows. (Note: shipping is an estimate & depends on details; arrangements to be mutually agreed upon)

41"H × 33"W × 4"D
Wall Art
unfinished natural wood


I see life in shapes and forms, angles and perspectives – always have and I’m sure I always will. My work accentuated by lighting & shadows is contemporary and abstract; yet my sculptures and art come from my soul and are created with a deep sense of humanity and warmth which many viewers have shared with me when they see my creations in person. The work is dynamic and engaging, and shifts depending on the lighting and on one’s point of view, personal background and life experiences. I hope that it can encourage a conversation among viewers that allows for an exchange of differing perspectives, both literally and figuratively. My designs are an esoteric response to the world I see daily, and my need to reflect that in both an orderly and disorderly art form, which often helps me to deal with both the beauty and senselessness I see in today’s world; in some way they are my “hope for humanity”.

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