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White Out

Marc Garrison


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A beautiful black and white reproduction printed on metal."White Out" is an abstract black and white print that captures a sense of drama and depth. The intricate lines and shapes form a sense of movement and dynamic energy that draws the viewer into the center of the composition. The use of black and white not only enhances the contrast between light and dark, but also provides a sense of timelessness and universality to the work. The overall effect is one of boldness and power.

20"H × 30"W × 15"D
Digital print on metal complete with screws and hanging hardware.


I choose to work as an abstract artist because I have always been drawn to vivid color, moving lines and irregular shapes. My expressive art making process lends itself well to this freewheeling task of working more intuitively and less constrained by realistic art making rules. My interest may have started years ago when I first discovered computer art and drawing programs. I believe most viewers are interested in my bold colors and attractive designs. I like to begin an artwork with a drawing. Either a digital image created on the computer or a hand drawn creation with ink, pencil or charcoal . The next step is to add monotype ink and acrylic paint until the composition is integrated and harmonious. The work is topped off with a handmade wood frame which I consider an important measure in unifying the composition. I am most inspired by the power abstract art has over the viewer. How people will project their own spirt and personal interpretation onto the artwork.

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