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Unyielding Spirit

Nancy Unger


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Unyielding Spirit

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In my exploration of photography as a medium for storytelling and self-expression, I am deeply fascinated by the convergence of art and technology. I believe in the transformative power of innovation to reshape our experience of visual narratives. Through my art, I celebrate the indomitable human spirit and the boundless potential of creativity to transcend the confines of reality, illuminating the intricate tapestry of human existence. Concrete emerges as a potent metaphor in my work, embodying both the sturdy foundation upon which we construct our lives and the protective shell that encases our souls. Like the communities and dwellings forged from its strength, concrete represents resilience and stability, yet it also signifies the limitations and barriers we yearn to overcome. In my photography, I delve into the interplay between protection and confinement, vulnerability and resilience, prompting viewers to reflect on their connection with the world around them. The aluminum rods piercing through the concrete, upholding the glassed imagery, symbolize the pillars of support that sustain us in our daily lives. They embody the solidarity and cohesion essential for our collective progress. With each piece I create, my aim is to elevate the human spirit beyond the constraints of ordinary existence. I strive to shed light on our capacity to endure, to love, to evolve, and to transcend adversity. Ultimately, my art serves as a testament to the resilience and ingenuity inherent in the human condition.

8"H × 42"W × 42"D
Mixed Media
Photography on watercolor paper, concrete cloth, convex glass, aluminum and wood.


You get to a point in your life when you can reflect on the life you built based on the choices you made, while gazing at potential futures, unbound by the choices you have yet to decide upon. In my work I have chosen to use industrial materials to signify the foundation of our lives, the domiciles and work spaces we inhabit. They are imperfect as our lives are imperfect. I reflect this in the texture, complexity and visual interest in the way I distress and use these matierals. I then contrast this with the images I bring to life to represent the memories, hopes and aspirations that we strive towards with the fabric of our souls. The holistic representation of each art piece represents our lives. In this trying time our homes have become schools, offices, entertainment places, restaurants and more. It is more important than ever that what we share space with is more representational of our journeys and the dream of where and who we wish to be. The work has become sculptural and mixed media using multiple images along with concrete, glass, steel and found objects including local reclaimed wood and vintage auto parts. The images are accumulated on a fairly daily basis, capturing either nature at its most perfect self or the ordinary and mundane or forgotten—the cast away objects. Included in the mix of nature and man made subject matter are some figurative images, but minimally as to slightly and cautiously guide the humanistic experience. The viewers response is high engagement and time spent exploring and moving around each piece, deciding what it is that they are experiencing— allowing for slightly different perspectives based on the viewers own life experiences. My work now accurately reflects my life—complicated, meaningful and layered.

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