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Unreal Reality: Green, Pink and Blue – NYC

Shane Taremi


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Unreal Reality: Green, Pink and Blue – NYC

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The artwork is part of a series, titled Unreal Reality, a Fibonacci-based, surreal cityscape photo project, meant to re-invent viewers’ relationship with the reality of the outside world around them. I also offer this artwork as metallic, archival paper prints, dye-sublimation floating metal prints, acrylic face-mount (metallic print sandwiched between aluminum), and canvas, in variety of customized sizes per client's request. For information on the different surfaces, sizes and prices, contact

50"H × 50"W × 0.2"D
Dye-sublimation floating metal prints (printed on Aluminum with a hanging unit mounted on the back).


I describe my work as exploratory, whimsical, and surreal. My approach is influenced by works of contemporary architectural-surrealist photographers such as Victor Enrich, Filip Dujardin, and Xavier Delory, and geometrical interplay depicted in works of modern abstract expressionist painters such as Miro, Mondrian, and Kandinsky. My Ph.D. training as a scientist has shaped my artistic vision, an effect which can be seen in my most recent series, titled Unreal Reality. In these works, an original photograph shot on location is digitally blended with elements taken from the edges of the frame to create a repeating, expanded landscape. By utilizing the Fibonacci-based sequence of numbers, I produce aesthetically pleasing patterns that build on and reimagine the original image. The project is a subjective approach to photography favoring perception over seeing. It is meant to re-invent the viewers' relationship with the reality of the world around them. The deviation from the norm of realism are emphasized by these large-scale artworks, depicting urban landscapes containing spaces with vast perspectives where buildings soar above the human scale and architectural elements unique to each location produce one of a kind geometric pattern. What drives me as an artist to produce these artworks is the exploratory nature of the process itself. The journey from an initial scouting and the discovery of an ordinary location that could be considered mundane to crafting a whole new surreal urban landscape, re-constructed entirely from the elements confined within the original frame.

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