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The Oxidation of Memory

Jessica DeMuro


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I have been a photographer for a long time now, nearly 20 years come to think of it, and about 7 years ago I learned the hard way about having a back up of my back up's. A hard drive I was using to store nearly the entire archive of my digital photographs up to that point, crashed. I was devastated. It was clear that I would need to take it to someone in order to recover whatever I could. Much to my luck some of the archive salvaged. But a great portion of what could be recovered was entirely corrupted. This piece utilizes corrupted images from that hard drive, and revives them. Giving these circumstantially formed, digitally altered, images a new life. This work consists of 8 panels - and can be displayed together (as pictured) or slightly separated out on the wall with an inch or so between the panels. It can also be displayed in a modified vertical format to accommodate different presentation dimensions. The images used are printed on thick high quality archival Epson Hot Press Bright paper with Epson pigment ink, giving the work longevity and deep vibrancy. A protective coating is then sprayed over the image to ensure its protection. This piece is customizable with commissions. Please contact Embrace Creatives for more information.

36"H × 96"W × 0.5"D
Photography, Archival Pigment Prints, wood panels, 2019
Feather dust only. do not wipe.


My work unfolds into pieces deeply enriched with symbolism and metaphor. I find myself gravitating toward the internal landscape as it relates to our outside world, and the negotiation between the two. Being heavily influenced by the nature of psychology, perception, and empathy, much of my work gives center stage to navigating these concepts and theories. While photography is at the core of my work, it also paves the way to an in depth multimedia approach to collage, installations and other modern, mixed media works. I encourage viewers to do more than offer a passing glance, but rather to sit in conversation and contemplation with the subject matter. To that measure, the pieces I create often reveal more intimate layers the longer one stands in conversation with them.

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