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SpiritScape 7

Tony Zaza


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SpiritScape 7

Blue Lake: SpiritScapes are Polaroid prints of landscape which are camera originals, not doctored or photoshopped in any way. I liked the way the New Polaroid captures both the visible and seemingly invisible attributes of natural light in a natural environment and the way it renders color from the visible spectrum with subtlety and grace. Original Polaroid Images are unprocessed camera direct positives enlarged to 16" x 16" and printed on cold pressed watercolor paper. Custom sizes and framing available. Shipped flat. Larger sizes available. Framing available. Contact

16"H × 16"W × .2"D
Polaroid photograph enlargement inkjet printed on cold pressed watercolor paper


My practice includes watercolor painting, photography, and printmaking. I specialize in black and white Infrared and cyanotypes (Sunprints), and Polaroid photography.

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