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Pale Blue Connections

Curtis Cole


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" Pale Blue Connections " 2021 By Curtis Cole Limited edition 1/10 32x40 Custom Single MetalPrint Satin Finish Sharp Square Corners Additional Cleat Hanger Kit for Metal Frame included. 3/4" Inset Frame w/ French Cleat Inspiration: Have you ever thought about what it takes to get electricity from here to there? If you have, then you've seen It's a complex array of massive, metal sculptures suspending high-tension wires over thousands of miles. “Pale Blue Connections" aims to illustrate the complexity and simplicity of just one component in a colossal web of poles, points and connectors known as, The Grid.

38"H × 46"W × 1.5"D
Digital Photography / Limited edition print.


Art is my therapy, my joy, and my passion. For me, finding the inspiration to create is like chasing fireflies: although they may be flying all around, there’s no guarantee Im going to catch one. I guess it’s the challenge of capturing an especially unique moment that really draws me in. The other half of my motivation is people. I love people and I love seeing how my art connects with people’s emotions. I also love the way art can bring people closer together, raise the vibration of a space, and make life better. Most of my pieces begin as photographs, but where they travel from there is always a mystery. I love playing with negative space and I always ask the piece itself how it wants to be completed. The dialogue between myself and my art is sometimes so funny that I break out in full-on laughter. I love working with geometric shapes like high-voltage power lines, as well as fluid images that reveal some abstract reality or the idea of a face. Fantasy, science fiction, and a sense of humor all conspire in my brain to become my art. One of my greatest joys, is the moment when I get to share my creativity with the world.

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