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I’ll Have a Slice to Go Please

Nanci La Bret Einstein


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I’ll Have a Slice to Go Please

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Tic tac watermelon- tic tac gerber - color, shape dance throughout this photo. Layers of images join to create one.

24"W × 24"D
Digital photograph on dibond or printed. Limited edition.


Creating is an integral piece of who I am. I speak through my work in languages pertinent to the mediums I utilize. Every day I make a mark and then another, and yet one more, ad infinitum. While these marks may not be within the confines of the same piece of art, they are related to each other through me. They are a continual visual and intellectual learning source. To try and comprehend how and why they change the visual field surrounding them is my job. I translate their rhythm, color, weight, and texture so they hold together as co-dependent marks that maintain their own construct. I am not content to play the same keys over and over, but rather push them beyond the tensions and relationships felt in the last piece and see where it takes me. I control their visual presence, which in turn allows the viewer to translate it. My inspiration comes from the simple/complex act of living and not just seeing but looking. The discovery of relationships in everyday surroundings and beyond is what inspires me to make a mark. The file-folder kept in your head of images you don’t even realize are there until you draw upon it, is what moves me. The relevance of what I produce is the kernel of bringing the audience to truly see what is going on in the work. To grasp there is more than function for varied objects and color has more of a command than a candy-coated shell. Creating a dialogue, no matter how basic, between the audience and the piece is exciting. It is the start of a relationship, one that will hopefully produce more involvement and understanding.

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