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Homage to Kertesz

Joanne Scherf


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Homage to Kertesz

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An homage is a respectful attempt to honor the influence of another artist. In this case I created a re-mix of one of my favorite photographers, Andre Kertesz. His black & white iconic masterwork, "The Fork" was created in 1920 and my re-mix is a color version using complimentary colors of blue and yellow to add dynamic contrast. His composition is the perfect opportunity to meditate on something simple, yet elegant, giving one's eyes a break from the chaos of daily life. Kertesz parallels beauty with simplicity as he presents the elegance, grace and subtlety of a fork; elevating the seemingly trivial details into a meditative object.

18"H × 24"W
Still life
This photographic image is printed on premium, archival fine art paper. This paper print requires matting and framing by the customer. Note: This is a "print-on-demand" product and will require approximately 2 weeks for complete fulfillment of the order.
Recommendations for fiber-base fine art photography prints: • Mat the print (prefer archival mat boards) • Frame the print • Use archival glass or acrylic facing for UV protection • Conservation-clear is very good for protection, but offers slight glare • Museum glass is the absolute best quality but worth the money • Avoid direct sunlight and humid locations
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I am a visual explorer. Explore the potential. Engage your soul. Escape reality. This succinctly describes my artistic philosophy and why photography is my passion. My images celebrate quotidian life and ranges from vibrant contemplative abstracts, to fine art, and interpretive/documentary portraits of landscapes. The use of natural lighting and environmental factors adds a sense of emotional drama and often elicits creative interpretations that are contemplative, offering more than “just a pretty picture”. My sparks of creative inspiration come from other art forms and a variety of sources like observing the design performance of a glass blower, or most likely just a walk in the woods. Overall I strive to make a visceral connection with the viewer; a visual conversation within the frame. My signature style tends to evoke an elegant simplicity of design, oftentimes with a layer of complexity that hovers behind the façade. I embrace the solitude of nature, capture the common and unique, and reveal the wonderment to convey imagery that transcends the ordinary.

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