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Wildflowers 1

Tricia Soderberg


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This monotype was created from the same plate as Sea and Sky. I placed a layer of yellow ink over the existing ink left on the plate (ghost print) after printing Sea and Sky. The yellow reacted with the blue to make green and the red to make orange. I then inked up some of the shapes used previously with different colors and laid them on top of the plate. The plate is then ready to print. Definition of ghost print: After a monotype is pulled, the plate usually has a faint layer of ink left behind. This faint image can be captured as is by laying another piece of paper over the plate and running it through the press. You can also choose to alter the image by applying more ink and imagery.

36"H × 23.5"W × 0.15"D
Monotype on paper printed with Akua ink.


My works on paper are created by combining multiple monotypes into a greater cohesive collage. My imagery is gleaned from organic sources. Plants, flowers and insects combine to create a lush imaginary environment with emphasis on color and and pattern.

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