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Tricia Soderberg


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This monotype is part of a series which feature a bamboo shape created from a print of actual bamboo leaves. The image shows the "overprint" of the stencil which may be visible depending on how you choose to frame the print. The size of the solid square is approx. 17" x 17". The size of the paper is 30”H x 22”W. There is a lot of mythology and symbolism associated with the bamboo plant in Asian culture which I find inspiring. the excerpt below is from Bamboo Meanings and Allegories: Throughout Asia and beyond, people look to bamboo and admire it as kind of miraculous plant. Since time immemorial they have used bamboo to build houses for shelter, to build weapons for hunting and defense, and to eat its tender shoots for sustenance. It’s no mystery why primitive people would assign bamboo a sacred status, and revere it as a bona fide gift from the gods. Besides these life giving properties, bamboo also contains a spiritual message that resonates deeply in the Far Eastern ethos. We’re all familiar with bamboo’s remarkable strength and hardness, qualities that inspire respect among both man and beast. But the real genius of bamboo lies in its pliability and resilience, its ability to flex and bend without breaking. More than a mere model of brute force, the one who knows when to give in and how to sway in the breeze is the one who will truly weather the storm and survive.

25"H × 25"W × 0.75"D
monotype printed with Akua ink on paper


My works on paper are created by combining multiple monotypes into a greater cohesive collage. My imagery is gleaned from organic sources. Plants, flowers and insects combine to create a lush imaginary environment with emphasis on color and and pattern.

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