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Orra White Hitchcock – Papaya

Lauren Harrington


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Orra White Hitchcock – Papaya

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More than an appealing pattern for your walls, Orra Slate is a beautiful reminder of women’s contributions to the arts and sciences. Orra White Hitchcock was one of America’s first female scientific illustrators and this particular pattern was created using one of her many geological illustrations of pen and ink on linen made between 1828-1840. The original artwork illustrates slate formational patterns in Devon, England. Purchased by the roll. Each roll is 24" wide x 120" long. If you would like a sample or assistance determining the number of rolls needed, contact

120"H × 24"W × .01"D
Mixed Media
Quality is at the heart of our printing process: high resolution, soft touch, mat finish and vibrant colours are our top priorities. Technical demands and environmental accountability have driven us towards FSC certified, PVC and COV free manufacturers. Highly resistant to time and light, they are also 100% natural: our substrates are all PVC-free, and our inks are solvent, heavy metal and VOC-free. All meet fire safety standards and are classified A+ for indoor air.


We are the stories we tell ourselves and Walla Walla Walls gives you the opportunity to tell the story you want to tell. Since interior spaces are the modules that define and reflect personal style and walls are the foundational necessity of defining interior space, why not let them speak to define your style and space with more a more authentic and personal voice? Walls Walla Walls aims to bring more substance, play, design and intention to your spaces with our growing collection of art and patterns, and through our collaborative bespoke services which will truly give your space more personal meaning. Our authentic savoir-faire and tendency to stick to hand crafting techniques like watercolor, pastel, college, colored pencil, even hand carved linoleum block printing leads to overall designs that feel more substantial and thoughtful because of the care that went into creating them. We also work with printers that offer a wide variety of substrates, from paper backed raw silk, and metallic grasscloth to premium matte and removable peel and stick fabric. The opportunities to create something unique and special to you are truly endless.

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