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“Evening Blooms EC No.2”

Deborah Weiss


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“Evening Blooms EC No.2”

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“Blooms” is a hand cut collage celebrating the contemporary botanical image. It is part of a larger series “Evening Blooms”. Choosing to interpret the textures and organic shapes in blue and white is in reverence to the rich history of this color pairing. First in China and later in Europe, blue and white wares were treasured.

30"H × 22"W × 0.25"D
Hand cut collage from the artist’s dyed, painted and cyanotype papers. Substrate is 140lb hot press paper pure white.


The energy of the natural world is both highly charged and subtle simultaneously. My work is an exploration of the exchange between nature's elements, terrain, plant life and atmosphere. Each layer informs the next both concealing and revealing information. As in the natural world randomness and order coexist.

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