Yoder Farm

Lauren Brumbach


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Yoder Farm

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Over the last 30 years, I’ve watched this farm give itself back to nature, to time. Every year the colors of her walls fade further into grey as the land around her bursts with a myriad of green. It’s an admirable thing, giving yourself to the elements and to time. You show wear and tear, you show weathering but never quite withering. Our flourish, our color, our life gradually passes on to those we encounter over time. Making everything around us bright and alive. These buildings haven’t been overtaken by time, the vines don’t diminish them. I find incredible comfort in places like this. Places otherwise forgotten. I find them in perfect balance. — moments at peace.

16"H × 20"W × 1.5"D
Gallery Wrapped
Oil on canvas


My work seeks to create safe places driven by love and grace. Split between representational work and abstract pieces, my paintings unpack relationships between humanness and our living natural world. My paintings are visual expressions of a poem, a song or a prayer — the colorful manifestation of still moments. Where I grew up has a particularly rich impact on the subject matter of my representational paintings. The lifestyle in my hometown is slower, the landscape seems to set still both time and people. In a day and age that feels like we are rushing through our days and forgetting to be present, I want to remind us of a place where "rush" doesn't exist - there is only the fields, the farm, and the creeks. My entire painting practice is about paying attention to small still moments. When I'm painting, i'm listening. How are the colors interacting? what are these soft whispers saying and why?

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