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Wishful Thinking

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1 in stock

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Beginning with a color that may seem strange to some, the mint green undercoating actually became more of a neutral, subduing the cotton candy pink accents. In order to break down the painted figure, I grabbed charcoal pencils and deconstructed the form so the only realistic portion left are the eyes peeking through the veneer of color. Wishful Thinking is a far away person contemplating the world around them and how much its changed since her youth.

28″H X 22″W X .75″D
Mixed Media
Acrylic and graphite on canvas.


Growing up with a fashion model mother and stacks of trade magazines to peruse, the human body has always intrigued me. Add a love of texture, play, and experimentation and well, I give a mix of all four. My work is continually evolving, especially as my studio hours are minimal. Mostly, I work on my mission, Embrace Creatives and empowering others. However, my art practice will pick up again… One day.

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