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Waves Don’t Die

Adam Starr


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Waves Don’t Die

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Oil on Canvas Painting w/ Calligraphy Pen, 2021 This abstract painting was inspired by the song Waves Don't Die by Kanye West but also inspired by Japanese culture and the use of calligraphy pen with traditional oil paint.

36"H × 24"W × 2"D
Traditional Oil on Canvas, 2021


The work Adam produces comes from a pure and vulnerable place. He is deeply inspired by the music he listens to and the movements that come out of this. Regarding his paintings, he utilizes calligraphy pens and oil paint during this process. His process would be considered "stream of consciousness" or "jazz painting". He incorporates the emotions he is feeling during the time of creation using the emotional aspect of color and the rigidness of the black calligraphy pen. The themes surrounding his paintings include connection, spirituality, and love. Regarding Adam's photos, each one is similar to a painting, as colors compliment the chosen manipulated subject. Formulated with a dreamy atmosphere these photos produce an awe-inspiring nostalgia for the viewer. The mystic nature of Adam’s style moves the audience to feel its strength, providing a window into the heart of its creator. These crafted pieces carry a moral and spiritual dimension standing for simplicity and connection.

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