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Water Tower

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1 in stock

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Water Tower

Depicting the Detroit Zoo Water Tower on a foggy night.

18″H X 14″W X 1.5″D
acrylic on canvas
This painting has been varnished with Golden Satin Polymer Varnish with UVLS. It protects the painting from UV light and from dust becoming embedded into the paint. Don’t hang in direct sunlight, and take care when dusting. Use a Swiffer lightly, and if needed continue with a slightly damp microfiber cloth to remove any dust or hair.


I’m a figurative visual artist working both in acrylics traditionally and with digital art and design software to envisage my expressions. Being a visual artist challenges my head, heart, and hand to project both my conscious and unconscious reflections as narratives within a believable illusory space. At the age of 50, I let experience, vision, awareness, humor, and intuition guide me when developing imagery and subject matter, with dual goals of expressing myself and developing archetypes. Painting allows me the opportunity to reflect, share and connect my personal experiences, identity, and desire to create something new with others, even when there’s a global pandemic happening.

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