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Water Elemental

Shreya Mehta


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Water Elemental

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The Water element represents the rivers, seas, oceans, and waterfalls. But it also represents blood, tears, and all liquid forms in our body. This artwork is an ode to water. A quintessential element of our life that makes up most of us and surrounds most of the world around us. We never understand the deep significance of water till we are deprived of it. Its fluidity, its calmness, deepness, and resilience in all its form teaches so much about the lessons of life and it’s struggling.

25"H × 35"W × 1"D
Mixed Media
Vegan pigment, 22K gold leaf, Ink on cold-pressed Arches paper
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Within the human subconscious mind lies a world of experiences; a wealth of memories and connections that are built layer upon layer. It is my personal journey to rediscover the spiritual dialogue between the mind, body, soul, and actions. I render these ideas that have been ignited by my curiosity and inspirational quotations, into visual images. These images are woven and encapsulated with the essence of line and of beauty.

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