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Watch Hill

Jason Paradis


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This polyptych consisting of 20 panels was created during an artist residency at Watch Hill, Fire Island (National Sea Shore). Each panel is a view of the sky directly above my cabin from each night of my stay. The "blueprint" of that view was drawn each night and transferred to the corresponding panel each morning (upper left, across each row, down to lower right). The painting morphed as each new view was "connected" to the last (1st panel painted, 2nd panel painted and connected to 1st panel, 3rd panel painted and connected to 2nd and 1st panel, and so on, until the work, and my residency, was finished). WIth this way of painting, at times the evolving work documented previous incarnations, while at others they were completely changed, as layers of newly applied washes covered older sections.

28"H × 114"W × 0.5"D
Mixed Media
Acrylic and spray-paint on 20 wood panels (polyptych)
Installation instructions provided. Must be installed in order on a grid.


In my art, there is a sense of contemplation or of reverie that speculates on fundamental mysteries – this being the result of a lot of camping under an expansive sky in the northern Canadian wilderness. There, questions emerged regarding the existence of something much larger than the immediate world. I am very interested in a moment where the past, present, and future collide. Modes of my current environment, laced with reflection, memory, and speculation, filter into the development and translation of the work. This disjunction demands a layered approach in both the meaning and implementation of the artwork. The pieces end up feeling like some sort of phenomenon (either natural or supernatural) has occurred, or is occurring. They are at once primitive, timely, and futuristic.

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