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Warhol and Winnie in the Garden

jon parlangeli


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Warhol and Winnie in the Garden

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As I was once again witness to such destruction this past weekend while doing yardwork around our home...Warhol and Winnie in the Garden is a wildly active, brilliantly colored, comical visual narrative involving the aftermath of a typical garden romp by our beloved fur children, Warhol and Winnie the French Bulldogs. Together they are path of flower destruction, bloom stompers, furry wrecking balls, and a persistent purveyors of general flower decimation. Warhol and Winnie leave no bloom unattended as they romp, stomp, pee and play amidst the flora all the while while chasing the fauna. To that the composition is bright, yet playfully apocalyptic, and the detail has been randomly dissected to offer abstraction as reflection of the K-9 chaos.

30"H × 40"W × 1.5"D
Gallery Wrapped
Oil on canvas


My work offers less about the detailed physicality of nature and instead captures the purest emotions bestowed upon the human condition by exposure to nature.

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