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Jeff Horton


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The inspiration for this painting started from a construction image of the new Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts. The lines and angles that flowed through the image intrigued me. I sketched the image onto the canvas and begin applying paint. My paintings are influenced by the process. As the paint is applied using wax mediums, layers are formed. Pencil, paint and oil pastel lines are added and removed. It is a constant back and forth process that informs the painting. The completed painting happens when I reach a point in the process that no additional moves are visible. I have included some progression photos to help describe the process.

40"H × 30"W × 2"D
Oil paint, cold wax medium, oil sticks on stretched canvas.


I create architectural abstract paintings and sculptures. My work often is defined by lines, a result of architecture’s influence. The lines create a framework in my paintings and sculptures that inform all my other moves. I constantly explore new materials and methods to create and expand the perspective. Paint drips, oil sticks, sewn canvas and cold wax medium are spontaneously incorporated, liberating the structures in the paintings to become more abstract. I prefer using angle lines to create spatial perspectives. For me, these sometimes chaotic perspectives create a sense of disorder which allows the viewer to become an active participant in my work.

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