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Jacob Guerin


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This piece shows the conscious mind personified by the figure, facing the mirror at the foot of the mythological threshold of the dark unconscious mind. This stage in a heroes journey is the point where the hero steps into the unknown to face their trials and revelations. The mirror symbolizes the ego only being able to see its superficial exterior. They must go into the darkness to find a better sense of self.

14"H × 11"W × 1"D
Oil on Canvas


My artwork has always been primarily about the process of painting itself. Waiting in between the stages of oil painting such as the imprimatura, the underpainting and the glazing is what I find the most exciting. The way the layers of color stack on top of one another, harnessing light in one area and reflective in another is unmatched by any direct painting technique when trying to accomplish realism. As far as the content itself, the human figure is the most captivating subject for me. I look to Johannes Vermeer for his quiet moods and sense of voyeurism and William Bouguereau for his solitary female figures and impeccable painting technique. This type on painting has always grabbed me and the fact that these artists exist at all and created the work that they did, shows me that I am not alone in what I find exciting and worth pursuing.

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