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Three Boats



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Three Boats

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This geometric painting uses a minimalist approach to depict shapes reminiscent of boats in a harbor. There is something about being on the water that makes me feel at home. I often walk the docks looking at the value shifts and how the shadows on the row boats change hourly.

30"H × 30"W × 1.5"D
Acrylic Paint on Canvas


In my art practice, I strive to create paintings that evoke an acute awareness and centered meditative state towards our daily surroundings using a tight geometric abstract visual language. Often using a horizon line to make a reference point for the viewer, my paintings evolve with varied opaque and translucent layers of acrylic paint on canvas. While I create a time-based visual context for my paintings with sunrises and sunsets in color choices and titles, my hyper-realistic execution of stillness through a tight complex network of lines and forms indicates an almost suffocating state of our present-day reality. I strive to present a perceptual consciousness through the spatial organization of architectural and natural landscapes with great attention to the foundation of my colors. While easily interpreted as geometric abstract landscape paintings, I hope that the intensity of my compositions demands unorthodox attention from the viewer to invest in a centered and calm vision within the chaotic times of our present day.

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