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The Overlook

Sarah Dean


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The Overlook

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A lone cowboy and his horse gaze over Monument Valley, dwarfed by the majesty of the rock formations. This piece was created to invoke the awe of staring at an ancient landscape, at something so much bigger than oneself.

36"H × 48"W × 2"D
Oil on Canvas


For me, every piece begins with the inspiration that I find in the horse. Horses are powerful, gentle, imposing, fluid, and timeless - I feel I could spend the rest of my life painting these incredible animals and never completely capture everything I love about them. Next comes the background, the world the way I see it. I can't help but paint the colors of the landscape saturated, the lighting bold, and the skies vast and lively. I want to tell a snippet of a story in each painting, to leave the viewer speculating on how we got there, and wondering what happens next.

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