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Amy Fell


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Swirl is an oil-on-canvas painting that celebrates the beauty of an everyday object we take for granted. When viewed in this large scale format, we are able to see and appreciate the loveliness of the swirls of the bulb and the multitude of colors contained in the white glass as it reflects the room it shines on. This piece is an example of abstract beauty contained within the realism when we take the time to look closely. This painting is all about beauty found in our everyday world.

48"H × 30"W × 1.5"D
Still life
Gallery Wrapped
oil on canvas


The painting process—using brushes, paint, and canvas to convey my vision— never fails to inspire and challenge me. I try to manipulate the paint in a beautiful way, and I choose subjects and employ methods I hope will help viewers connect emotionally with my paintings. I love hearing how a viewer’s reaction to one of my works compares to my intent when I created it. Broken color, chiaroscuro, temperature shifts, intense color, and dramatic sizing are some of the methods I use to draw the viewer in. I am fascinated by iconic imagery from American life. Everyday objects we take for granted are rich in character, history, and beauty that we can better appreciate when we take the time to look at them with fresh eyes. The paintings I create may feature a single object—a rotary telephone, a gumball machine, a car, or a beat-up baseball—or a set of objects grouped to suggest their relationship. After drawing the viewer in through the outer shell of technique, I hope a work’s composition elicits fresh thought and discussion about the subject and its significance in American culture and to the viewer themselves.

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