Silly love songs..

Troy Ramos


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This is one of my earliest works which incorporated spray paint into my paintings. For some reason my works in this period also want to become or resemble something of a portrait. And even if that’s not where you want to go as the creator, there has to be a balance between your process and the work’s process. In many ways this work is the perfect representation of a harmony of those two visions, those two ideas. As a result, two things become one. Whatever I’m listening to or reading or watching or thinking about in my life becomes very important in the process of creation. So this works shares the same title as a song by Paul McCartney’s Wings, which I was listening to heavily at that time. Again, I don’t know the role of these external factors in what I’m creating. But there definitely is some sort of rule. And I think this work is an example of that.

30"H × 23"W × 0.125"D
Acrylic, Spray Paint and Mixed Materials on High-Quality Fine Art Paper


'My religion is to trust myself'. My process involves creating art quickly to produce works which represent a particular moment in time. Years of study and experimentation have made significant contributions to my work. But simply trusting my instincts has encouraged more interesting results and has allowed me to avoid difficulties related to paralysis by analysis. There is often an appropriate amount of breathing between various aspects, layers or gestures within each work. But those breaths are also within the same period of time and space, so each new element still feels and looks like it emanated from materials which came before it.

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