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She can only run

Lori Ellsworth


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She can only run

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This one is extra special to me. It is me. It is a rendition of the best worst day of my life. It is the day I could only run, as I had broken ribs and was being chased by the perpetrator while having just returned home from hospital narrowly escaping sepsis, a complication of cancer. Yes I ran, I ran from all previous patterns and learned self-love. Thankful for the lesson

28"H × 22"W × 1.5"D
Gallery Wrapped
Oil on gallery wrap canvas


I endeavor to capture and reflect emotions in my painting. Emotions are universal. I do not desire to make statements or engage in activism in any sort. While activism has its' place in societies, advocacy is more my nature, as it comes from a positive emotion. Much of my work evokes deeper emotions as I release trauma in this manner. I find this connects with many people and for that I am grateful.

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