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Salvador’s Toaster

Edward Vaughan


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Salvador’s Toaster

This is a toaster. It is Slavador's toaster, as in Dali. This painting is part of the Atomic Room series. It isnt a fluid toaster like you might imagine Salvador's toaster to be, but the toast seems to levitate like toast would in a Slavador painting.

30"H × 30"W × 1"D
Still life
Pop Art
Acrylic Canvas


Creating a message through shape and color is something I have always felt called to do. Art should be a part of everyone’s life, whether mesmerized by the Sistine Chapel or gazing in wonderment at Lavender Mist: number I or even being amazed by a child’s drawing from kindergarten art time. In my creative process, I try to show that conflict and chaos have resolution if we put forth the effort to find it. I take a flood of ideas and develop them into a plausible arrangement. Each series tells a story of my search for equilibrium and balance defined, but not limited by, color and shape. As an artist I am always searching for the next thing that will bring me forward in my process to convey my message through visual elements and design, to make someone’s world a brighter place upon viewing or owning my art and enriching their lives a little each day.

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