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Red Dragon

Luzhen Qiu


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Red Dragon

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This is one of the piece from a series titled “Purple Mountain”, which is formed from my childhood memories. The image is juxtaposed with traditional textiles, patterns, twisting dragons, the fragments of faire tales I read in my childhood, along juxtapose with Maoist propaganda… It is a personal journey through the mixed contents.

40"H × 28"W × 2"D
Mixed Media
Color pencil on layered mylar.
Shipping with care


I want to make a dreamscape from my memory. By juxtaposing fragments of memories from my childhood, Chinese traditional fabric textiles, old Chinese legends, the fragments from Chinese vase… I want to tell stories. Stories about childhood’s fantasies, Childhood wonderland. My drawings are visual poems drawing the viewer into an open-ended story through images that ignite the imagination and a sense of delight by a collage of the images that I was familiar with and manipulating the formal elements of drawing: line, color, tone, and design patterns. Color pencils on layers of mylar allow me to work on the sense of depth from the transparency. The way I compose my drawings called “image mapping”, which is a hierarchical way of show the relationships among images of the whole. I started to create a single image with concept; then one by one add more images; in the mean time I also associate with each image by drawing lines, patterns. Image mapping opens a complex visual diagram to guild people viewing my drawing.

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