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Positive/Negative (diptych)

Andrea Bogart


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Where is she going, naked with the door open in front of her? Pitch black darkness beckons, her compressed body leaning into the void. Fear and flight. What is she experiencing peering into her dark closet? Her foot lifts as if to dive right in but with her arms out of sight, is she steadying herself? Pushing herself upright and onto a stronger tomorrow. The wood grain follows her form melding her body directly into surface. Soft and mysterious this positive and negative diptych brings depth and curiosity to any interior. Each of these pieces can be purchased singly. You save 15% by purchasing them together. Ready to hang, this piece is flushed framed in wood painted black.

48"H × 49"W × 1.75"D
Oil on wood.


An experimental artist, I like to play with various mediums but my love is figurative.

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