Nobody told me there’d be days like these..

Troy Ramos


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If this painting were a box, and you could put your hand inside of it, at first you would feel mostly coldness and darkness, lifelessness, almost like it were just a box full of cold stones or dead branches. But as you got further in, you’d feel a beautiful warmth on your hand. Do you feel the need to go towards that inner warmth and so you plunged hand even further inside of it. You’d feel the need to go towards that inner warmth and so you move your hand even deeper inside of it. And that’s what this painting is. It’s the inner light inside of that cold, limiting structure we find everywhere outside of ourselves.  It’s fitting that this work was created around two life experiences: Covid quarantine and also listening to the John Lennon song of the same title. The sentiment in the song is almost the same as the motivation to make this painting. The outside world never told us there’d be days like these, strange days indeed. And so we look inside of ourselves, for those bright orange, bright pink and reddish hues, mixed in with calming blue lines and shapes to center us and make us feel like we have a purpose; like everything’s gonna be OK. And that no matter what craziness happens outside of ourselves, we always have that inner warmth, that inner light, that’s always with us and comforts us by saying 'it’s all of the light we will ever need'.

14"H × 11"W × 0.125"D
Mixed Media
Spray Paint, Acrylic & Mixed Materials on High Quality Fine Art, Acid-Free Paper


'My religion is to trust myself'. My process involves creating art quickly to produce works which represent a particular moment in time. Years of study and experimentation have made significant contributions to my work. But simply trusting my instincts has encouraged more interesting results and has allowed me to avoid difficulties related to paralysis by analysis. There is often an appropriate amount of breathing between various aspects, layers or gestures within each work. But those breaths are also within the same period of time and space, so each new element still feels and looks like it emanated from materials which came before it.

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