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Newer Visions I

Nancy Thayer


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Newer Visions I

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There is a unique spiritual identity or presence of place in each of the many mountains, pueblos, reservations, monuments, towns, and villages I’ve visited as I hiked in the American West over the past 12 years. Each one offered a life changing experience. It is my intention to express the beauty, strength, peace and spirit of the mountains that I experienced in each painting. Please note that this painting will be crated for shipment. Embrace Creatives will contact you as there will be additional crating fees.

24"H × 48"W × 2"D
Gallery Wrapped
Acrylic on Canvas


While the visual content refers to and suggests forms of nature, they are not meant to be photographic or site-specific. My intention is always to communicate the spiritual essence and impact of the environment. In one series of paintings, I focused on sacred grottos, caves, and stalactites to express a private place for contemplation and a sense of solitude deep within what has been formed by nature over long periods of time.

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