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Shannon Mack


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Murphey's law: Anything that can happen, will happen. "Murph" is a character's name in the movie, 'Intersteller' who does the impossible. To me, this piece is lacking inhibition, which makes it somewhat of an impossible anomaly in the midst of so much conceptualization. This painting was developed along side many other paintings, and this is what I scribbled on in-between. It ended up being the culmination of many different paintings and seasons of life that "don't go together", which is what I believe makes it a true reflection of life. Life is only understood backwards.

24"H × 18"W × 1"D
Mixed Media
Gallery Wrapped
mixed media on canvas


Mack describes the origins of her work being derived from “of-the-moment” presence, in effect, leaving behind time capsules of the human experience. The layers that exist within her work are attempts to meet the moment with sincerity, each a foundation for the next, until a resolve is revealed.

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