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Meadowbrook in the Morning

Brian Skol


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Meadowbrook in the Morning

Painted in plein air on the historic grounds of Meadowbrook Hall, the artist was granted special permission to paint this, as normally it is not allowed on the grounds. The dappled light in the morning shows the view that few people see when driving up to the home.

12"H × 16"W × 1"D
Oil on panel.


I am a Contemporary Realist painter who focuses primarily on works of narratives about transitional states of being. I love to tell stories, and since I was a child I have always been interested in art that involves a strong narrative. When I was young it started with comic books, and quickly changed to painting when I began learning about art history and the bigger challenge of what painting represents. Humans are obsessed with the story, and fine art has the ability to capture a moment that is able to convey deep meaning that grows and changes with the viewer over time. This challenge is what I’ve dedicated my life to. I make work about the hardships of life, the philosophical challenges that arise from living in the world and having to deal with the temptations, tragedies and failures of humanity. I make this kind of work in order to create a common bond between people, and in the hopes of alleviating suffering with empathy and the lessons that can be learned through such narratives. The alleviation of suffering through common bond and shared burden is something I find deeply fulfilling. When not crafting narratives I strive to capture the quiet and contemplative with landscapes, florals and nudes. All three subjects allow for a kind of communion with nature that allows for self reflection and meditation. Capturing beauty and studying light and pattern forces the mind to focus on the moment which brings a sense of presence that I hope to pass along to others through my work.

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