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Margaret Mead & Jane Goodall (diptych)

Mike Ross


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Margaret Mead & Jane Goodall (diptych)

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This is one of a new series of shaped diptychs, completed in 2021. All are oil on luan panels with a one-inch backing framing the edges. These particular pieces are titled for people I personally admire in the arts & sciences, and explore the idea of capturing spirit and personality within an abstract framework. All of the pieces explore color and pattern and the notion of evoking certain feelings and emotion through combinations thereof. (Though they are presented as pairs, they are each designed to stand alone as well.)

60"H × 80"W × 1"D
oil on luan


My work has everything to do with perception and the way we understand and recognize the world and ourselves within it, and the ways in which how we understand the world affect the way we see it and the way we see ourselves. Basically, how the world changes according to our perception. These ideas bounce back and forth a lot. The patterns they make as they do so can become confusing. Part of my work lies in organizing this confusion, and sometimes adding to it as well.

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