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Landscape #12 Views of Estes

Nancy Thayer


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Landscape #12 Views of Estes

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The series include a contemporary expression of landscape including mountains of the American West. My paintings express the spiritual power, presence and impact of the environment. The visual content suggests forms of nature representing a fusion of many specific sites and locations I've come to know. The paintings in this series created in my studios in Detroit, New Mexico, and Colorado express a fundamental spiritual dimension of mountains. They are not meant to be site-specific or photographic. It is my hope that they will elicit a deep sense of the beauty and spiritual nature of the mountains that have inspired me to paint them. There is a unique spiritual identity or presence of place in each of the many pueblos, reservations, monuments, towns, and villages I’ve visited. The contrast between these sacred sites and the Detroit communities where I have lived and worked for decades has given me a great appreciation for the land and people who occupy both. This artwork is shipped crated which is an additional fee. Contact sales@embracecreatives for more information.

36"H × 84"W × 2"D
Gallery Wrapped
Acrylic on panel
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While the visual content refers to and suggests forms of nature, they are not meant to be photographic or site-specific. My intention is always to communicate the spiritual essence and impact of the environment. In one series of paintings, I focused on sacred grottos, caves, and stalactites to express a private place for contemplation and a sense of solitude deep within what has been formed by nature over long periods of time.

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