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Improvistory Notations

James Jared Taylor


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Improvistory Notations

Improvisitory Notations are a series of small acrylic paintings on wood mounted on steel brackets. The series is ongoing and is currently comprised of over 120 paintings. In October 2022, at least 100 of the paintings are going to be installed at the Coachella Valley Arts Center in Indio, California. They will be part of a one person exhibition with other paintings and sculptures by James Jared Taylor. There is a story behind this project. The small wood panels were given to Taylor by a parent of one of his art students in 2012. He would work on them while teaching his advanced students and also in his home studio. Over time they evolved. In 2014, one of Taylor's former professors was visiting his studio and suggested they could become an installation. Taylor is a jazz guitarist and scholar of the music. Improvisation is the most important aspect of jazz. Much like jazz, the paintings are results of improvisation. There is a play on words because improvisations are "ad lib" that are not written down. A notation is something that is written or recored with symbols or writing. The title of this series is somewhat of a paradox. These paintings are attached to a steel wall bracket which floats them away from the wall. This installation is on a 48 x 48 inch wood panel. They can be reinstalled onto a wall.

48"H × 48"W × 3.5"D
Acrylic paint and pencil on wood, steel brackets mounted on a 48" x 48" wood panel.
Clean with a feather duster. The work is currently installed on a 48\" x 48\" wood panel.


My work is an assemblage observations, influences, and ideas- whether it is painting or sculpture. For the past forty years, I have had to contend with the bifurcation between the two. I see no difference between them since they are derived from the same sources. The work simply becomes a brief record of action, improvisation, intent, combined with the constant impulse to build or construct in two or three-dimensional space. As I work, I try not to concern myself with what the work is. My concerns extend to its context, the time and space in which it exists, and how it will be created through a process of trial and error which leads to evolution rather than finality.

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